Abdominal Binder / Support Belt


Abdominal Binder

Click on the following link to buy a replacement abdominal binder like the one you may have had placed in surgery.  Abdominal binders can be washed, but they are not designed for long term use and occasionally need to be replaced. The 9 inch wide binder is the one you want.  Just order the correct waist size.      




Support Belts

For some patients, particularly after surgery for large ventral hernias, we recommend the use of weight lifter's belts or support belts.  This is especially true for individuals who need to lift as a regular part of their job.  Many of these binders are advertised as back support, but they clearly support the abdomen as well. 

Below are links to dealers for various support belts for long term use:

Support belts



Weight Lifter's Belts



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