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Domperidone (trade names Motilium, Motillium, Motinorm Costi and Nomit) is an antidopimenergic drug.  Domperidone is a first choice antiemetic in some countries.  However, it is not approved for prescription in the US.  Although it has never been officially approved for use in the United States, domperidone is sometimes purchased from pharmacies in Canada and other countries.  Because of this, insurance will not cover the cost of this medication.  It is generally used to suppress nausea and vomiting.  It is also a prokinetic agent which is helpful for the treatment of gastroparesis.

We generally recommend a dosage of 10 mg (either pills or liquid) 4 times a day, for the treatment of gastroparesis.

Pharmacies  in Canada that sell this drug  can be found in the following links: