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Low Fat Gallbladder Diet
For a limited time before the gallbladder is surgically removed, a low fat, mildly spiced diet is important.  This will limit symptoms and can help prevent gallbladder attacks.  Eat as wide a variety of the allowed foods as possible.  One week after surgery you may slowly start to reintroduce normal foods back into your diet.

Good Foods (non fat/low fat)

Non-fat milk, Coffee, Tea (With Non-Fat Creamer)
Sodas, Fruit drinks
White, Wheat, Grain & French breads
English Muffins
Pasta, Rice
Cooked or Dry Cereal, Oatmeal,
Cream of Wheat (only non-fat milk with cereals)
Saltines, Graham Crackers
Lean Meats - White Fish, Poultry/No Skin
(Baked, Broiled, or Barbecued-NOT FRIED)
 Egg (Poached or Boiled) - One per Day
Low-Fat Cottage Cheese
Non-Fat Yogurt
Broth , Low-Fat Chicken or Vegetable Soup
Vegetables - Steamed, Baked, or Raw
Fruits - All

Honey, Jam. Jelly
Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Syrup
Small amount of Spices, Herbs & Seasonings
Angel Food Cake
Pudding (Made With Non-Fat Milk)

Bad Foods (high fat)
1% Milk, 2% Milk, Whole Milk
Cream, Whipped Cream, Coffee Creamer

Doughnuts, Croissants, Breakfast Sandwiches
Pancakes, Waffles
Snack Crackers
Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Salmon
Bacon, Sausage
Luncheon Meats
Fried Meats, Fried Eggs
Cheese, Yogurt
Pizza, Spaghetti, Lasagna
Chili, Creamed Soups
Highly Spiced or Seasoned Casseroles
Creamed, Fried or Au-Gratin Vegetables
Cabbage, Radishes
Pickles, Avocado, Olives
Butter, Margarine, Oil
Mayonnaise, Gravy
Peanut Butter
Salad Dressing

Ice Cream, Ice Milk
Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake
Custard, Puddings
Nuts, Coconut