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How to use calcium suppliments following Parathyroid Surgery

You will be given a prescription for Citracal +D, or you can buy it over the counter at any pharmacy.  The usual dose is 2 pills twice each day starting after your surgery.

It is common for your calcium level to drop following surgery.  It can often take 1- 2 weeks for your remaining parathyroid glands to return to normal function.  You should continue to take the Citracal pills for at least 2 weeks.
The Symptoms of LOW calcium are:

  • Tingling around your mouth and lips
  • Tingling in your fingertips
  • Cramps in your hands, wrists or feet

If you experience any of the above symptoms, please take 2 extra Citracal pills, and wait 2 hours.  If you still have symptoms after 2 hours, then take 2 more pills.  You can repeat the dose until you have taken 10 extra pills.  If you are still having symptoms, then you should either call us at (253) 572-7120, or go to the Emergency Room.