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Serving Greater Tacoma, Gig Harbor and Western Washington

Ensuring your health through experience and expertise
At Laparoscopic Surgery NW, we know surgery. Our doctors have decades of hands-on experience with a wide variety of surgical procedures. At the same time, as modern medicine has advanced over the years, we've grown and changed right along with it. Our surgeons have concentrated on staying current with the latest technologies in order to offer you the best care possible.  We are actively persuing a designation as a regional hernia Site of Excellence for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction. 

Using tomorrow's surgical
By taking advantage of the latest developments being made in laparoscopic and robotic surgery, the surgeons at Laparoscopic Surgery NW, can provide patients with safer, less invasive procedures. In contrast to the large open cuts required by conventional surgery methods, laparoscopic surgery is performed with a fiber-optic videoscope and other small instruments that are inserted through tiny incisions. This results in less pain and a faster recovery time. 
While surgery isn't needed for every medical condition, when it is the right option for your best health, our skilled, experienced surgeons will operate laparoscopically to lessen the impact and pain of surgery whenever appropriate.

Unique procedures for your continued good health
As part of our commitment to offering state-of-the-art procedures to help you get back to your life more quickly, we perform some surgeries that other surgeons don't regularly offer. In addition, our surgeons continuously investigate new surgical technologies and techniques.  We are actively involved in the revolution of single site robotic surgery and are offering robotic surgery for selected patients.
 When traditional surgery is the best choice for your continued health
While we've earned a reputation as the leaders for minimally invasive surgery in Pierce County, we're also experienced with procedures that may be best served using traditional methods. Some surgeries are still best performed using open procedures, depending on the individual case.